Business and Investor’s activity support and consultancy

To ensure one –stop shop services for foreign companies interested in doing business in Russia as well as in investing to Saint-Petersburg, the Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chamber’s member company B.A.Group launched a joint project - International Business Desk (IBD). IBD will help you not only to search a reliable partner, but also to find out an efficient market solution, build your own business in Russia, enhancing value of your company, sort out an efficient investment project, provide you with full support of all your business processes, etc.



IBD services include:


  • Consulting on investment opportunities in Saint-Petersburg, issues concerning legal   doing business in Russia: certification, customs procedure, taxation etc.
  • Organization of meeting with people responsible for attracting investment to Saint-Petersburg, management of industrial parks, Special Economic Zone (Saint-Petersburg branch) etc.
  • Assistance with selection of land plots for installation of production facilities
  • Market Scan
  • General description of business opportunities for your business in Russia
  • Information package about your business sector, its main actors and distribution channels
  • Mapping of possible legislative restrictions or other obstacles
  • Local experts` comments and recommendations
  • Presentation of sales channel solutions, or other concrete methods for processing



  • Familiarization with customer activities
  • “Market Scan”
  • Strategic guidelines
  • Cooperation strategy
  • Organization
  • Estimation of costs
  • Financial recommendations
  • Action plan
  • Follow-up plan

Sales Channel Solution:


  • We will look for representatives or sales agents
  • We will look for importers and/or distributors
  • We will offer a “Trade House” solutions or
  • We will build a different business model/approach for you

Representation Services


  • Physical presence of your company in Russia; address and contact details
  • A designated contact person (business representative)
  • Monitoring of trade shows and event related to an agreed market segment
  • Arrangement of meetings, visits and business excursions
  • Access to negotiation and workstation spaces (advance booking)
  • Various studies and implementation of other company-specific orders

Company set up and its support


  • Matching of a type of legal entity and all procedures with its registration
  • Russian corporate tax planning and consulting
  • Back-office services
  • Setting up tax, financial, HR and managerial accounting and reporting
  • Financial planning and consulting
  • Overall support of business-processes (accounting, operational automation, etc.)
  • Legal support
  • Board of Directors membership

Business Model Analysis in Russia


  • Interviewing the management and defining the Russia objectives
  • Assessment of current operations
  • Company/Brand recognition assessment
  • Benchmarking in agreed areas in Russia
  • Analysis of results by experts
  • Conclusion and recommendations

Finding Advisory and Funding Application Services


We assist companies with finding financial solutions for both individual and investment projects, as well as for general operational development and growth.


  • Funding Strategy
  • Service for funding sources monitoring
  • Mapping of different funding alternatives to finance project
  • Expert assistance during the preparation of project plan
  • Preparation of funding application and coordination of application process